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"This is my second visit, and I seriously want to take the office home with me. I went in for a pinched nerve and pain that extended from my stiff neck in to my back and chest. Felt like my entire body was being compressed. After two visits I feel significantly better. It’s not magic, and the pain slowly does come back, so I signed up for the 5 session package."

-Guadalupe Garcia

"I suffer from severe osteoporosis and back pain. Dr. Vu’s acupuncture treatment has improved my quality of life better than western medicine’s pain management. I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain try this amazing treatment and Dr. Vu’s gentle care."

-Julia Giordano

"My experience with Dr. Vu has been great. He is thorough, attentive and treats not only the symptoms, but the root cause. I felt a positive difference after my first treatment. Highly recommend!"

-Nadia H.

"With Dr. Vu's simple eating plan, seeing him twice a week, and daily exercise, I've lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks."

-shurs Cooper

"I brought my 93 year old mother to Dr. Vu due to back pain. I found these sessions have helped my mother walk more upright rather than a bit slumped as she had been for years. She is more steady on her feet and has felt confident enough at times to walk without the use of her cane. Dr. Vu is very kind and interested in the welfare of his patients."

- Lee Gordon

"Only mistake I made was not buying a discount punch card on my 1st visit. Just went this morning. Feel like a million bucks. Thanks for everything!"

- Patrick McMahon

"I am very grateful to Dr Vu, who through his knowledge and sensitivity of the extreme pain I was experiencing, began working with me, I was impressed after the first visit. My condition began to improve after each visit. After having to walk with a cane and depend on others , thank God for this man who showed compassion and concern for my condition ,I am recovering well. I give you 200%."

- Paulette Hilliard

"*****This exceptional practice is a far from any routine (proposed) healing entities. Mr. Henry ‘listens’ does not rush and provides results. As an extreme thick skinned, hard headed seasoned combat vet. with many combat tours to the fighting mid-east----these remarks do not/and will not come easy from me. I am calling him, to his face, he is my Jesus on planet Earth. If I write more, perhaps I can come across as boring--I hope my point is [ crystal clear]. He cares and you will NOT be disappointed if given a chance to help you. With the survival of combat experience, and life, I know how to be mean & survive. I know how to be sweet & polite too, which the latter is much/ MUCH / MUCH preferred. It is never personal, as love and peace are so much better. Mr. Henry makes me smile naturally from the physical pain and emotionally from the mind. He is that good. Here is a big one, the accommodations this practice provides for my service / therapy / and emotional support dog is compassionate with personal kindheartedness. His music is spot on, and everything about this commission makes me feel comfortable & right at home. many thanks."

- Jack Russell

"I would give Dr. Vu 10 stars if that were an option! I've suffered for 6 years from an auto accident. I've had back surgery, neck surgery, about a dozen steroid injections, 48 sessions of physical rehabilitation, and a nerve block. My lower back gets so bad that I sometimes get stuck in bed for days and have to miss work. I walked, well I should say "I limped", into the office today and could not even sit down without leaning to one side. I know pain. The kind of pain I've been in takes away all normalcy. It takes away your existence as the person you once were. After one visit, yes I said one, I was able to stand up straight and walk without limping! I was able to sit down and get up....ON MY OWN! If anyone out there suffers from pain, please don't hesitate. Dr. Vo wants to help people, and he can absolutely help you get back to living. I look forward to my next visits because I know each visit will bring me closer to a full healing. I can't express how I felt when he looked at me and understood exactly what I was going through. He validated what I had been experiencing without pushing bills and injections that traditional medicine would have me do. He understood. And that right there, gives me hope. When you find someone who can actually make you feel better after just one visit, it brings your hope to a whole different level and it's coming from a much higher place. Thank you is not enough. Dr. Vo and his staff are the best! Even the receptionist was excited for me!! Don't hesitate. Acupuncture WORKS!"

- Kathleen Fradella

"I’ve been having a headache for 2 months. This is the best service I’ve ever received. It’s very clean and the treatment I received knocked my headache out I feel like a new man I highly recommended it thanks very much. I will be back

- Anonymous

"The most marvelous experience i have ever had. I have had problems for years with imsomnia and anxiety. For the first time ever i have been sleeping without medication and for hours, 6 plus in a deep sleep. Dr. Henry, is most definitely a walking wisdom of holistic medicine. I am so impressed with his service and with Mia. So kind and welcoming always. I will continue to refer people. I look forward to one day getting off all of these medications and only going the natural way. Many blessings."

- Maray Elhoudaigui

"A very good person! He knows his acupuncture very well!!! Treats me very well! He also uses electrodes which are connected to the needles in my arm, leg & foot! My strength in my arm, & foot have improved!!! I am raising my leg & arm higher!!! This has been a very good experience for me!!! My name is Tim Baham! I had a stroke in the month of September on the 15 of 2015. The stroke effected my right side. My right hand, my right arm, the right side of my mouth & my right leg & foot!!! I am also going to rehab at the Veterans Hospital! When I first had the stroke I went to West Jefferson Hospital where I received personal rehabilitation & then I went to Wallenberg Home on Berhman Hwy from 19 Sep. 15 to Jan. 7, 2016 where I received great care. Then I went to Chicago Rehab Institute from 8 Aug. till 7 Sep. 16 after this I went to another place associated with it until Nov. 9th 16. When I got back home in Mar. 17 I went to the new VA Rehab!!!"

- Tim Baham

"I feel like a new person after every treatment! Mentally, physically and emotionally Dr. Henry assesses, treats, and resolves my complaints. Each visit is tailored to my symptoms of that day. I never feel rushed or left incomplete.
The clinic is very inviting, relaxing, and professional. The experience from the moment I walk in is welcoming and kind. The energy is peaceful and therapeutic.
I recommend anyone seeking pain relief, mental/emotional blocks, and overall wellness care!"

- Billy L.

"I am a visitor from Las Vegas. I came to New Orleans to visit my mother-in-law due to her sickness right after my vacation of Alaska. Due to the weather and bed changed, my neck was stiff at 2nd day. I enjoyed the whole trip but my neck problem was getting serious, the pain went up to skull and came down to the shoulder. My husband had to help me to get up off the bed and put me down as well. So when I arrived New Orleans, I decided to find a acupuncture doctor to fix my problem. I had 2 acupuncture doctors in Las Vegas and I knew it helped me a lot, but Doctor Vu, Henry, he gave me the best experience and treatment that I had ever had before. After 2 treatments, my neck pain gone within one week. I come back to Las Vegas now and I believe I will miss Doctor Vu, how good his treatment is!!
By the way, his treatment is different, he put the needles on my legs at first 20 minutes, and he use acupressure to adjust my neck muscle, and he put 3 needles on top of my head. He was using moving cups and stable cups to improve blood circulation and put the needles on my neck at the final stage with electric facility. He took his time to fix my problems, no rush like other doctor. I really enjoyed the treatment and I highly recommend if you see this review, give him and yourself a chance, experience by your own, and then you will know what I talking about!!"

- Jenny Baham

"Injured in an automobile accident three years ago. I have had 6 epidural steroidal injections, nerve block and recently a Rhizotomy for lower back pain. Trying to put off disc replacement surgery as long as possible. I tried acupuncture at Lotus. I admit that I was very skeptical at first. The treatments have brought some relief so far. I have been to Lotus 4 times and each time seems to help a little more. The facility is very clean and welcoming. I will continue with the treatments and hopefully I can put off the major surgery a little longer"

Rocky Ball

"I went to Lotus for anxiety and stress relief. After the first session I felt very relaxed. I was also given herbs that helped me to sleep. After the second session I felt remarkable and plan to continue going for additional sessions and taking the herbs.
I would strongly recommend Lotus."

Thomas Steward

"I'm so grateful that I met Dr. Vu at Lotus Acupuncture on Manhattan Blvd. His compassion and genuine concern for the healing of his patients is amazing. From the very first meeting, I found Dr. Vu to be very patient and kind. His approach made me feel comfortable with the acupuncture process. He genuinely listened to all of my health issues and took time to research how he could help me with healing my body.
I highly recommend Dr. Henry Vu. He's worth the investment and wish I had met him years ago when I first experienced symptoms."

Sarah McGriff

"This is a great place. You see smiling faces when you walk through the door. Dr. Vu is very knowledgeable and wants patients to fill better after treatment. After my first treatment I saw results. If you want to feel better and do it in a caring environment go visit Lotus Acupuncture."

Marce R.

"My issues with my back have been long standing and I've only been going to Lotus for a short time HOWEVER, in that time the progress has been a steady progression. I am enjoying things I had just not been able to do any longer because pain was so great. I do still live in a good amount of pain but considering the gravity of the pain I came to Lotus with I can't expect miracles over night. I can honestly say things are "shifting" and I am noticing that the pain is much less in my lower back. I'm regaining energy that had been long gone (pain drains a LOT of energy for me as it takes so much to walk and bend etc and I work a full time job) but I am gardening in short term intervals which I hadn't done in such a long time and I am able to move up and down stairs holding things instead of holding the rails all along the way : ) ... I foresee and am hopeful that continuing to go for my sessions I will continue to see improvements. Communication is very important so he knows what needs to be done. I wish I could go more often but I'm only able to budget once a week and sometimes once every two weeks. BUT the point in mentioning this is because the progress is still there despite the delay in my treatments. I will make additional updates as progress continues as I know anyone reading this will value those updates. Much luck to everyone looking for relief; I'm sure you crossed a threshold at Lotus that will give you as well some relief and better tomorrow's ..."

Judy Graham.

"I highly recommend Dr Henry. I am new to reviews but he is worth the effort to review for me. I am seeing him for a number of ailments that defy western medicine as i am considered a very healthy woman. I suffer mostly from fatigue, sleep issues, belly weight that got worse with birth control after pregnancy, to improve my immune system and bloating issues. I feel like my entire body had inflammation and it has been melting away with the belly wraps and feet soaks. The belly wrap seems to be helping my stomach get looser, so if you're anti needles you can pick some up and try. The feet soaks seem to help my achy feet from running and with sleep, as well. I see him for acupuncture and I felt good enough to go work out again and work on my house after one treatment. Can't recommend enough! Also, his office manager is delightful"

Lora Delhom

"Dr. Vu is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled in his practice. His holistic approach optimizes the benefits of his care. I recommend Dr. Vu wholeheartedly"

Sheryl Sawatsky

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